Nine (laveystudent) wrote in laveychild,

An attempt to ressurrect this community.

To be truly Satanic is to be free from established ideals. It is to not be influenced by ways of "how you are supposed to live" and it is to live how you feel that *you* should live. Children and animals are the embodiment of all that is truly Satanic. I say this because they know nothing except their own nature. They know only what they need.
If only we could continue to live this way ... untainted by ideals force fed to us by the Christian church as soon as we are old enough to absorb them. Children and animals exhibit true Satanist behavior naturally. They do not have a "god-complex". They have only their nature: their needs, and their desires. They are not born believing that a god exists ... *they have to learn it*. At a young age, children are *led* to believe by someone that they must spend their lives in servitude to a god. It is not true nature to believe in a god. It is learned.
Ave Satanas!
Hail Thyself!
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